Navigating a new iOS update: How our production team do it

Updating hundreds of YUDU client apps within a week is a great achievement. Team YUDU Marketing are impressed!

So how does our production team do it?
Development processes were in place to swiftly work through all of the apps in a short period of time. What we hadn’t been able to anticipate were Apples’ bugs, which resulted in a file upload which would normally take 2-3 minutes, taking up to an hour to process. Once the bugs were fixed though, we were on a roll and are now proud to report 100% customer satisfaction rates. There are three main reasons our team believes that were able to make such a success of this:

1. Scripting skills
Tom (our Development Manager) developed a script, which created some missing files, and actually did quite a lot of the work for us. This pulled files through the system settings meaning that once a file had been selected, it needed little manual intervention.

2. Maintaining up-to-date files
As we worked through the apps there were very few that hadn’t been updated for a while. Another credit to the production team on this one. This meant that the updates needed for each app were more-or-less identical, and there was little back-tracking needed. A top tip for anyone developing apps.

3. Keeping partners in the loop
YUDU work with clients and partners, and each of our partners has a network of clients. Managing the communication and expectations of each stakeholder could have become complicated. However, our team made contact with each partner from the outset, and worked alongside them to enable each of their apps to be checked before they were submitted to Apple.

Now that the iOS8 updates have been accomplished, YUDU have stopped supporting iOS6. Users with older systems will need an update. This is in-line with Apple who are also looking forward, and with the rollout of iOS 8.0.2 all users should now have full functionality restored.

YUDU is primarily an app developer providing digital publishing tools and apps for anyone with printed content, alongside corporate communications and training apps for the corporate sector: Our flagship piece of software that empowers all of these diverse groups is YUDU Publisher. To get in touch about upcoming projects please click here.

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