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Along with the ability to sell your content via the Google Play and iTunes stores, using the Android application we can submit this to an Amazon Developer account and also sell content within your application through this store.

For more information on how to make your Android application compatible for Amazon Contact Our Support Team using the Support tab on the right.


Clicking the image below will take you to the Amazon Developer Console where you can login using your Amazon credentials.



When logged in you will be met with a view of Developer Communications - Click Apps & Services in the toolbar to view the application(s) submitted under your developer account.

Click the name of the application you would like to add the In App Item to, then click the subheading In-App Items.  

In the menu along the bottom of the summary of your In-App Items, click Add an Entitlement.

Ensure that you enter the following information correctly:

Title- The title of the publication.

SKU - this must be in the format of <edition><node id> (for example, on the left it is edition1234567). 

To get the node id of your publication, navigate to the publication on the YUDU Publisher system and in the URL at the very end the node ID is presented as nodeId=<number>.

Content delivery - Select No additional file required.


Once the above information has been submitted, further information can be entered through a series of tabs which are outlined below (remember to click save at the bottom of each screen)

Availability & Pricing

Are you charging? - Select No, this is a free entitlement if you wish to offer the publication for free, or alternatively select Yes and enter a base list price (along with currency).

Calculated Prices - Should you sell your publication, select Calculate prices for Amazon to automatically convert to other currencies, or enter your own.

Availability - The date at which the In-App Item is available for purchase/download.


Display Title - The title of your In-App Item

Description - The description viewed on the Amazon store.

Keywords - Search terms used to increase the discoverability of your app. Use a comma or white space to separate your terms.


Small icon - A low quality application icon used in the Amazon Store.

Large icon - A high quality application icon used in the Amazon Store.

Screenshots - Images of your application that are used in the Amazon Store to promote your content before download.

Purchase action screenshot - The image shown directly after a purchase is made by a reader.


Upon completion of the information within the above tabs, a new option will appear that will enable you to submit the In-App Item for review.

Note: This can vary around 24-48 hours

Reverting back to the application overview screen will show that your application is now submitted and will automatically go live once approved:

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