Plain Text Accessibility

Each PDF that is uploaded to YUDU Publisher goes through certain conversion processes in order to produce the final publication, and one of those is to extract the plain text from the PDF (as long as the text is embedded - see Optimise Your Files for more info).

YUDU Publisher has the ability to produce a plain text accessibility version of your publication simply through a few options.

AAA Compliance - publications are capable of being AAA WCAG 1.0 accessible through human editing (since PDF files do not contain the structure required to be automatically converted), as well as additional content that doesn't exist in the PDF that should be there for accessible users.

Enable Plain Text Accessibility

First of all we must enable a plain text version - whilst editing your publication, click Settings on the digital publication options menu in the top right hand corner.

From here, navigate to the Options subheading and tick the box labelled Enable plain text (accessibility) mode


Editing Plain Text Pages

To edit each page of the plain text version, click Pages in the top right corner of the publication menu.

In the bottom corner of every page displayed in the Pages menu is a small cog icon - click this to go into the individual pages settings and customisation options. 

Here one can find the plain text of the page which was extracted during the upload of the PDF and transition to digital format - simply edit this and hit Submit at the bottom of the page to save your changes. 


Preview the plain text version

To create a preview link for the plain text version, simply navigate to the Publish screen of your digital publication and hit New Preview. This will now produce a separate link to the usual digital preview link (see Preview Your Publication for more info).

The link produced is a direct link to the plain text version, however the digital version is accessible from the plain text version (and vice versa) through a simple link within the publications:

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